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Welcome to, we are a new company specializing in Adwords Management. If you came here looking for a search engine, we regret to inform you that it no longer exists. As a certified Google Partner we are happy to recommend Google as an excellent alternative to your search query needs. You may also want to consider Bing. We are in the process of starting up a company that does Digital Marketing Charleston, SC.

Our Adwords Management Company services (also known as SEM) include search on Google and their networks, as well as display advertising including sites like YouTube.

Working with a company that follows the Adwords Reseller business model can cost you a considerable inconvenience if things don't work out or you decide to explore other options. Google once admitted this on their FAQ for internet marketing agencies considering the program, but have since deleted it. Below is a screenshot of that admission:

Local SEO and SEM

Planet Search provides the same local SEO services and technology as the other agencies out there. We offer click to call conversion tracking and phone call recording so that you can see in finite detail the results we produce. The only difference is that we do it in a non-proprietary manner by configuring your Google Analytics account to display this data. Phone call recordings are dated, timestamped, and made available for download in mp3 format. Detailed referrer logs, also timestamped, are made available so that you can see which search queries actually produced a phone call. Below is a screenshot of a current client's account:Google Analytics screenshot

The data states that there were 27 paid clicks from Google Adwords, and that 6 phone calls were produced. This equates to a click to call conversion ratio of over 22%! That's less than 5 clicks for every phone call produced!

Another advantage of having Planet Search as your local SEM partner is exclusivity! Unlike the other companies out there, once you become our client, we will never solicit or accept business from any of your direct competitors. That is guaranteed.

About Planet Search .

Planet Search is headed by David Kyle. David has over 10 years of internet marketing experience and has consulted for many companies. David is also a cofounder of the Search Engine Marketing Association of Charlotte . The group has a membership of over 330 people and has hosted notable speakers like Andy Beal.

David is also the owner of Charlotte MLS.